With Karen Newton

Investing your money, so that you can look forward to your future!

Time: Thu 10 November 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 CET

Where: Online


About this event

Karen’s life seems to have naturally evolved around the world of finance first, on leaving school, working for Inland Revenue in the UK, then moving to New Zealand she went into Banking before setting up her own businesses and finally founding Karen Newton International a global educational company helping clients to build multiple income streams.

In 2000 a planned change of direction with investments saw her and her husband move from New Zealand to Australia but it was short-lived. The death of her mother saw her return to the UK. Losing 6 members of her family in 8 months she stayed in the UK and looked at the opportunities around there. Borrowing £300 on a credit card, turning it into £10 million in just over 4 years, her dreams and journey of moving from employee to self-employed to business owner and finally investor was now a reality.

Karen retired in 2003, one month before her 44th birthday, wealthy enough to never have to work again. She found retirement boring so started writing books about investing, business and personal development. Karen won a US Business Award in 2014 for her books. Today Karen is a 3 times #1 International Best-Selling Author spanning 6 countries.

One day a guy stopped her in the street, with one of her books in his hand, and asked her to coach him. That was the start of Karen Newton International which is now a global education company currently operating in 13 countries.

Karen has worked with The Princes Trust Cymru, supporting young people learning to start businesses.

She has spoken at several schools in Wales UK, to students from 15 upwards about investing and being entrepreneurs.

Today, Karen lives in a little fishing village in Spain, enjoying the beach life. She still writes books and coaches clients.

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