Countdown has started and we are so very excited! Why are we excited? Well, we are about to warmly welcome you all to our very first Introbiz Sweden face to face Expo! Yes, you read that correctly - it is a PHYSICAL experience and we really can’t wait to meet you in person!! Introbiz Sweden is a Franchise that has been brought over from the UK to Sweden in 2020 by Claire Rees. We are a business to business networking company that will link you with your target audience, and this year we have put together our first ever face to face networking/Expo event.

When: May 20 2022, 9:00 - 16:00
Breakfast: 7:00-9:00 (add breakfast when booking the ticket to attend)
Venue: Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Solna/ Hotellgatan 11, 171 45 Skytteholm

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Claire is an Expert in Lifestyle Investment, who has over 10 years of experience working with people in the community helping them to thrive and revive, by implementing projects and coaching strategies into their lives that helped them to invest into their lifestyle. Claire is a serial entrepreneur of 3 businesses and a Co-Author of an Amazon Best seller book called “Inspirational Women of the World!”

Claire moved from Wales to Sweden in 2012 with her now husband Richard Rees, where they set up a dog sledding tourist business, living in a Swedish cabin in the Swedish Wilderness with no water or electricity for 5 years before moving to Ottsjö, where they now have Jämtland’s largest dog sledding company.

In 2020 Claire invested into the Introbiz Sweden Franchise and also Co-Founded Confident Communication Queens membership in 2021.


Introbiz Sweden is a membership network that delivers exceptional added value to your network by 8 different types of events such as: Breakfast Networking, Lunch Networking, Activity Networks, Expos, Seminars and Workshops, Socials and Business Clubs We will bring you your target audience, and we are here to help you to grow. Claire and her Introbiz Members warmly welcome you to their Network!


CCQ’s membership was founded in 2020 with both Claire Rees and Sara Nyström and this is an amazing global membership that helps and educate women to build their confidence in communication in their workplace, home or businesses. Already in its short life it has over 900 members of women from over 35 different countries.

Varma hälsningar Claire Rees xx