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Claire left Wales in 2012 to set up home with her new love in Sweden. Coming from a project management background she ventured into her new life as a musher’s wife. Driving huskies and setting up business and home in the Swedish mountains. Claire and her now husband lived in a cabin with no water or electricity, 850m up in the Swedish mountain, here her and her husband set up their dog sledding business. Imagine setting up a business in a new country, in the middle of nowhere. With pure motivation and determination, they bagged themselves through many tough times and taking the rough with the smooth, the smooth times was when they did a TV documentary "Escape to the Wild" with Kevin McCloud, Claire and Richard are now a very successful dog sledding business based in the South of Lapland!

Now Claire has 3 businesses - Tourist business, Networking business called Introbiz Sweden, and a Membership business for women to help them build their confidence called "Confidence Communication Queens!"

Claire is an Amazon number 1 Co-Author of the book "Inspirational Women of the World!"


  • Mindset
  • Building your confidence
  • Setting up business
  • Networking
  • Taking the rough with the smooth
  • Pushing through your mental wall
  • Her journey of setting up a business in a foreign country, and making it work.
  • How to follow your dreams
  • Your voice matters
  • Health and Physical Activity
  • Accountability
  • Being a Step mum - and supporting your husband through child alienation
  • Being a Step mum to a teenager
  • What happens when people turn against you
  • How to get your teenager to talk to you again


  • Virtual event £250
  • In person £500 (+ expenses)

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