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About this event

WorkVison through Gender equality, diversity and inclusion will be delivering a 5 week workshop:

Find out how gender equality, diversity and inclusion is so important, what are the norms and structure, and the psychology behind the unconscious bias, which will lead to great success in leadership.

Camilla is an expert of gender quality, diversity and inclusion. Her passion is to help leaders around the world to create an attractive values driven leadership that makes their organization gender equal, diversified and included. A working place for the future and for success, that attract great employees and diversity, were people love to work because they are giving the equal opportunity and rights to grow their full potential.

Camilla's mission is to make ALL people work to make this world inclusive, equal and a better place for ALL people. That ALL people are going to have the opportunity to live a free equal life with the same opportunities to make their own free choices and be able to live a life of their dreams!


Where? Zoom. You will be provided with a link shortly before the session

When? September 2, 8, 16, 30, October 7 @ 10:00

How much? 200 kr + VAT

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